Oberlin Then and Now: Chronological Index

The Chronological Index is organized by the earliest known dates of the properties. 

1835 –Cincinnati Hall, Colonial Hall, Finney House, Finney Tent, Mahan-Morgan House, Ladies Hall the First

1836-Fletcher House, Tappan Hall

1838-Old Laboratory

1839-Keep Home

1841-Fairchild Cottage

1842-Music Hall

1852-Tenney Cottage

1854-College Chapel

1860-Cranford Dorm

1863-Dr. Jameson’s House, Ellis Cottage

1865-Ladies Hall the Second

1867-Baptist Church

1868-French Hall, Society Hall

1870-Elmwood Cottage, Nancy Squire and May Cottage, Old City Hall, Second Congregational Church

1873-Fish House, Men’s Gymnasium the Second, Temporary Administration Building, Alderfer,  Pfaff House, Geography Building, Noble Cottage

1874-Cabinet Hall, Council Hall

1875-Thompson Cottage, Antlers

1876-Dascomb Cottage

1881-Stewart Hall, Women’s Gymnasium

1883-Geology Laboratory the Second, Root House, North Lodge

1884-Anchorage, Bastille, Churchill Cottage, Warner Hall, Sturges Hall

1885-Spear Library

1886-Goodrich House, Hoover House Apartments

1888-Barr House

1889-Pile Out, White House

1890-Pyle Inn, Barnard, West Lodge

1891-Heusner House, Delta

1892-Lord Cottage

1894- Gaston House, Botany Laboratory the Second, Green Owl, Alpha



1906-M.E. Church, Webster Hall

1907-Geology Laboratory the First, Embassy

1908-Metcalf House, Manor

1911-Gray Gables, George North Allen House 

1927-Browning House

1946-Botany Lane

1948-Federal Hall





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