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Respect heritage.  Help others learn from it.  Preserve Oberlin’s history for tomorrow.  Lend a hand.  Give the gift of history.  Help people save places that matter.  Share the passion.  Make a gift today.  Share your stories.

Whatever your specific interests, whatever your abilities, whatever your situation, there is a place for you in the Oberlin Heritage Center!   Our supporters include individuals, families, businesses, and other non-profit organizations from all walks of life, all of whom contribute different skills and assets to our organization and its programs.

 Ways to get involved:

  • Join: Support the preservation, maintenance, and administration of our historic sites, tour program, and public programs about Oberlin heritage, local history, and community action.

  • Make a Gift: Strengthen the foundation and potential of the Oberlin Heritage Center by contributing to the annual fund and endowment.

  • Grant a Wish: Provide an artifact, book, or program supply to expand our education potential.

  • Volunteer: Be the lifeblood of the Oberlin Heritage Center! Participate in a huge range of activities, including giving tours, office and library work, helping with events, gardening, working on special projects, and helping with children's programs.

  • Intern: Gain experience working in the history, museum, and non-profit fields.

  • For Board Members: Online files and documents for current board members.  Password required.