Just for Owners of Old Buildings

The rewards and challenges of owning an old building are great and varied. We’re here to try to help. 


What does the Oberlin Heritage Center do?


We help people learn about the benefits of historic preservation and teach them about the history and architecture of our community through workshops and other educational programs, often in collaboration with other organizations.   Check our event calendar for a schedule of upcoming programs.

We maintain files on the history and architecture of buildings throughout the community which are available to the public in our Resource Center by appointment.

We occasionally conduct a city-wide inventory of buildings to document the history and architecture of those built fifty-years or more ago. This is done in conjunction with the City of Oberlin Historic Preservation Commission when city funding allows.

We can help you find additional information on specific preservation topics and advise you on your preservation project.

We have prepared National Register of Historic Places nominations for local buildings and for the Downtown Oberlin Historic District.

We have prepared applications for Ohio Historical Markers that are erected in Oberlin.

We work to try to preserve and find new uses for endangered significant historic buildings and landmarks, often in collaboration with other organizations and community residents.


What doesn’t the Oberlin Heritage Center do?


We do not offer grants for property owners to fix their buildings. Such grants are rare and typically only available (if at all) for non-profit or commercial projects and not to individual home owners. 


Heritage Home Program


The Cleveland Restoration Society’s Heritage Home Program is targeted to older and historic residential properties more than 50 years of age. Although Oberlin is no longer a participating city, homeowners may still find links to online resources and request site visits and technical advice for a fee. If you are interested in finding out more information, contact the Cleveland Restoration Society at (216) 426-1000.  


Where else can I find information on historic preservation?


Visit our Links page to see a listing of many organizations that focus on "Architecture and Historic Preservation."