Outreach Programs


Oberlin Heritage Center staff can travel to your school, library, business, or organization
to give an illustrated, engaging program on a variety of topics.

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Youth Outreach     (download a flyer)

Rent a History Kit

Kits are designed in accordance with Ohio social studies and many common core standards. 




Pioneer Child in Ohio
Pioneer life, school, chores, games


Jobs: Then and Now
Kinds of jobs, tools of the trade, gender roles


Northern Ohio: Then and Now
Maps, using natural resources to build and live in communities, early transportation


Northern Ohio & the Underground Railroad
Slavery, abolition, the journey to freedom


Inventors and Historic Technology
Electricity, lighting, aluminum, cameras, flight, recorded sound, creative challenge


We Were Here First: Generations of Settlers
Geography, Native Americans, colonists, African Americans, immigrants


Perspectives: Abolition and the Civil War
Primary sources, slavery, the growing nation, abolitionists, African colonization, Civil War

Rental length: Two weeks.


  • $25 for the kit alone
  • $50 for the kit plus an introductory program with a museum staff member leading a discussion, story, and activity. 
  • You may pick up and drop off the kit at the Oberlin Heritage Center during office hours or arrange with the museum to provide delivery and pick-up for an additional charge.

Youth Outreach Program Topics

We would love to visit your classroom or group to lead your students through a discussion, object exploration, and activity. Programs can be tailored to different grades and interests.

History Mysteries

Observation and inference activity for students using historic objects from the museums' collection.

What Did Pioneers Eat?

Discussion and game about pioneers growing, gathering, and raising food.  Will you store enough for the winter?

What Did People Wear?

Exploring images and examples of historic clothing through the ages, discussing changes in function and style.

Chore Time and Play Time

Hands-on activities and discussion about pioneer children's work and play time.

The Underground Railroad                   

Fact and myth, stories and images, thought-provoking scenario questions, mini activity.

Slavery and the Abolition Movement                                         

Primary quotes and document analysis about this complex social and economic system, scenario questions, timeline.

Life During the Civil War

Scenario discussion of different perspectives during the war, examples of new technology, period games, soldier life scenarios.

Group size: Up to 30 students can be accommodated at a time.  

Length: 45-60 minutes (adaptable) 


  • $50 per program if within Lorain County
  • Additional fees will apply outside of Lorain County.  Pre-payment or a deposit is required for all reservations.

Adult Speakers Bureau Programs

Freedom’s Friends: The Underground Railroad and Abolitionists in Oberlin, Ohio

The Civil War: Oberlin Perspectives on the Home Front and War Front

African American Businesses in Oberlin

Local Activism, National Impact: Women's Suffrage in Oberlin

An Introduction to Historical Redlining in Oberlin

Early Schooling in Ohio

From Civil War to Civil Rights: Stories from the Oberlin Oral History Project

Oberlin's Industries (19th century to today)

Virtual Tour of the Oberlin Heritage Center

A History of Westwood Cemetery

Women's Widening World: 20th Century Stories from the Oberlin Oral History Project

From the Great Depression to World War II: Stories from the Oberlin Oral History Project

Great City, Great War: Oberlin's Response to World War I

The Oberlin Oral History Project (hints for conducting oral histories, highlight audio clips)

Eleanor Roosevelt Visits Oberlin in 1942 (20 min. program)

The First Automobiles in Oberlin (20 min program)

Highlights of Presidents Garfield and Hayes' Connections to Oberlin (20-40 minutes) 

Oberlin's Contentious, Historic Relationship with Alcohol (20 min. program)

Sabram Cox: Black Abolitionist & Unsung Oberlin Hero (20 min. program)


Each illustrated program lasts approximately 45-60 minutes (unless otherwise noted) and can be tailored to meet your interests and time frame.  Fee: $100 per program if within Lorain County.  $75 for OHC organization or business members.  An additional mileage fee will apply to programs outside of Lorain County. Contact: Museum Education and Tour Manager, [email protected]

Museum Professional Development Workshops

Membership Counts (Tips for Increasing Membership)

Rethinking Your Website for Greater Outreach

Are You Ready for Teen Volunteers?

Caring For Your Historic Photographs

The Oberlin Oral History Project (hints for conducting oral histories, highlight audio clips)


If you have questions, please call the Museum Education and Tour Coordinator at 440-774-1700 or email [email protected].