Amazing Oberlin Smartphone Race

Like history, hiking, and a healthy dose of friendly competition? Friends and family can challenge each other to this fun new learning adventure.

How does it work? Two teams, ideally with two to four people per team, begin at the Heritage Center and are texted the first clue leading them to a landmark in Oberlin. When a team figures out an answer, they send a text or a photo back and receive the next clue. There are fourteen clues in all and the race is 2 miles (assuming you make no false moves) and takes 90 minutes (if you’re quite clever, light on your feet, and don’t stop for ice cream).

Who can play? Anyone, although each team will need at least one player with a smartphone to send and receive texts and photos.

How much does it cost? An OHC member can book a race for their group for $20.  Non members can do the same for $25.  

What can I expect? A fun hike around town, learning something you never knew about Oberlin, and the thrill of victory and bragging rights! (or shame of defeat).

How do I sign up? Call or email the Museum Education and Tour Manager (440-774-1700 or [email protected]) to schedule your date and start time; the sooner you schedule, the more likely your date will be available. Reservations are available April – October, Tuesday through Saturday between 10 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Racing on days when the Heritage Center is usually closed may be possible by appointment for an additional fee.

What do a steel magnate, con artist, and Oberlin bank president have in common?  Answer: This building.
(We wouldn't spoil the fun with a real clue from game, but this is the kind of thing you might be looking for!)