Oberlin History

African American Women Intellectuals Project - An online archive of biographies of women who attended, or were closely affiliated with, Oberlin College. Created through the OC course Research Methods in Black Women's Intellectual history by Dr. Tamika Nunley 2020.   
Architecture of Oberlin College
- A database of photographs, illustrations, and descriptive information about Oberlin College buildings and architects.
Electronic Oberlin Group --An award-winningpartnership between the Oberlin Heritage Center and Oberlin College, and a great place to learn about Oberlin's history.
History and Genealogy of the Jewetts of America --Information about the history of Oberlin's Jewett family, the same family for whom Jewett House at the Center is named.
Oberlin African-American Genealogy and History Group --"Dedicated to encouraging support for African-American genealogy and historical research."
Oberlin African-American Genealogy & History Group - Obituary Project -- Scanned newspaper death notices and obituaries of African-American residents.
Oberlin College Archives
--The OC Archives hold a wealth of information on the history of the town and college, as well as on people (faculty, students, etc.) associated with the school.
Oberlin College Chemistry Department --Learn more about Charles Martin Hall and the beginnings of the aluminum industry.
Oberlin College LGBT History --Includes a number of essays, excerpts from oral histories, and other resources dealing with Oberlin College LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) history.
Oberlin Evangelist 1838-1862 --The Oberlin College library has digitized copies of the Oberlin Evangelist newspaper from 1838-1862. Articles in the newspaper covered topics such as theology, abolition and moral reform and included sermons by Charles Grandison Finney among others.
Oberlin Heritage Center Blog -- Varied articles on Oberlin history
Oberlin Newspaper Index - Covers the Lorain County News, Oberlin Weekly News, and Oberlin News from 1860-1941.  Full text of World War II years available.  Provided by Oberlin College.
Oberlin Review -- The Five Colleges of Ohio consortium has digitized issues of the Oberlin Review from 1874 - 2012. 
O-High Alumni --Class pages and histories of Oberlin High School going back to 1863!
Oh, Oberlin -- Podcast interviews with Oberlin residents and community leaders, conducted by Peter Comings. 
On Second Thought -- "As Oberlin College’s alternative history journal, On Second Thought publishes innovative, accessible, and engaging historical content with the goal of reaching the Oberlin community and beyond."
Our Common Center
-- An archive of pictures and stories from the history of downtown Oberlin.
Sherry Suttles Interview - Interview with former Oberlin City Manager Sherry Suttles through ICMA "Conversations with Courageous Leaders" 2021.
Shule Ya Kujitambua -- Website by OC student Ella Murray about the Shule school in Oberlin, designed for African American students in reaction to what was, or was not, being taught in the public school system.
Vintage Aerial -- Photographs of Lorain County from 1963, including farms and the outskirts of Oberlin (Rolls 54, 55, 56, 58, 61, 62, 72). Please note this is a commercial site but sharing and comments are invited.
Westwood Cemetery -- An online version of the book Westwood: A Historical and Interpretive View of Oberlin's Cemetery

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Ohio History

Lorain Historical Society--History Museum of the City of Lorain
The Lorain County Historical Society --The historical society and history museum of greater Lorain County
Morgan Index of Ohio People --Record of historic people, businesses and institutions who called Ohio home from 1796 till 1850.
Northeastern Ohio Inter-Museum Council -- There are over 130 history institutions in the region. Find one to visit!
Ohio History Connection--"Spark discovery of Ohio's stories. Embrace the present, share the past and transform the future."
Ohio History Central --An online encyclopedia of Ohio history
The Ohio Historical Society --The Ohio Historical Society website offers information on their educational programs, historic sites, archives, and more. Nifty special section for kids, too.
Ohio Memory Online Scrapbook --An online "scrapbook" of primary documents, collected from 330 cultural institutions, spanning Ohio's history.
OhioPix -- Photographic selections from the Ohio Historical Society collections.  Excellent primary documents.
Remarkable Ohio --Information about Ohio Historical Markers.

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African-American History

African American Heritage Preservation Foundation
Famous American Trials: Amistad Trial --Site contains a number of resources and documents dealing with the Amistad incident, including 1840s biographies of the Amistad captives.
The Antislavery Literature Project
In Motion: The African American Migration Experience
The Online Academy - Anacostia Community Museum --A study of different historical materials from African American history.


Civil War History

The American Civil War Homepage --Major compilation of sources on the American Civil War.
Soldiers and Sailors Database - by the National Park Service
The Valley of the Shadow --Two Communities in the American Civil War. This is a marvelous resource that tells the stories of two towns through primary documents.

Cultural and Social History

The Association for Gravestone Studies --Webpage dedicated to the study and preservation of cemeteries and gravestones as historical texts.
The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums --"An organization of people who bring history to life."
The Best of History Web Sites --A fairly comprehensive, and growing, list of links relating to many aspects of American and world history. Includes chronological and thematic sections, including African-American, Native American, and women's history.
Famous Trials --A collection of documents dealing with famous trials from history, including a number from American history, such as the John Brown trial, the Susan B. Anthony trial, and the Triangle Fire trial.
Medieval Technology and American History --A project of Penn State University studying the use of medieval technology throughout American History.
The Society for Commercial Archaeology --"Devoted to the buildings, artifacts, structures, signs, and symbols of the 20th-century commercial landscape," this fun site offers a look at some offbeat or kitchy aspects of twentieth-century history and material culture.
The Society for Industrial Archaeology --This site is devoted to the preservation, documentation, and interpretation of America's industrial history.


Primary Documents Sources

American Memory --A collection of primary sources and learning tools from the Library of Congress.
Gilder Lehrman Insitute of American History --Provides educational materials, teacher workshops, and historical resources to promote the study and love of American history
LIFE - Photograph archive from LIFE magazine from the 1860s through the 1970s, hosted by Google.
SIRIS --The Smithsonian Institute Research Information System
Teaching American History --Information about seminars, institutes, and a collection of historical documents.
U.S. Census Bureau -- Statistical information from censuses.
U.S. National Archives --Archive of nationally-significant documents, available to researchers.
U.S. National Archives - Digital Vaults --Digital archival records, avaliable for browsing online.


Social/Reform Movements

The Anti-Saloon League --founded in Oberlin, OH
Temperance & Prohibition --Compilation of documents administered by Ohio State University

Underground Railroad

Black History Canada: The Underground Railroad-- Collection of resources regarding the Underground Railroad and its connection to Canada.
Ohio History Central: The Underground Railroad--Info on Ohio Underground Railroad history and tourism.
The Friends of Freedom Society --Ohio Underground Railroad Association
The Letters of Hiram Wilson -- Students at Huron University College in Ontario have transcribed the letters of Oberlin College graduate, abolitionist, and missionary Hiram Wilson, who lived among and frequently wrote about the growing free black population of Canada in the years prior to the Civil War.
The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center --The website of the museum of the same name in Cincinnati, OH, this site also discusses freedom in other contexts.
The National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom --Learn more about the Underground Railroad, key stops, and important people. (Maintained by the National Park Service.)


Women's History

Godey's Lady's Book -- Selections from the 1850s.
National Collaborative for Women's History Sites --"Supports and promotes the preservation and interpretation of sites and locales that bear witness to women's participation in American life"
National Women's Hall of Fame --"To honor in perpetuity these women, citizens of the United States of America whose contributions to the arts, athletics, business, education, government, the humanities, philanthropy and science, have been the greatest value for the development of their country"
National Women's History Project --"To recognize and celebrate the diverse and historic accomplishments of women by providing information and educational materials and programs."
Woman Suffrage All-Ages Reading List -- Compiled by the League of Women Voters of Ohio as part of its celebration of its 100th Anniversary as well as the Centennial of the 19th Amendment.
Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000 -Includes an essay on antebellum Oberlin women, among many other resources and papers.
Women's History Resources -Maintained by the University of Wisconsin's Women's Studies Librarian, this is an extensive listing of sources dealing with primarily-American women's history.

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Heritage Tourism, Museums & Travel Info

American Alliance of Museums -- Searchable list of museums accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.
Association of Midwest Museums -- List of members of the Association of Midwest Museums.
Back Roads and Beaches
-- a Lorain County bike trail that features Oberlin.
Cleveland + - Things to do in Cleveland and all over Northeast Ohio!
Discover Ohio! --Tourism in Ohio.
ePodunk : Small-Town Life and Tourism.
SavingPlaces -- List of cultural and heritage destinations compiled by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
Historic Hotels of America --A listing, maintained by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, of still-operating historic hotels around the nation. Use this site to plan your trip!
ICOM -- International Council of Museums.
Lake Erie Shores & Islands Attractions --Things to see and do in the Lake Erie region of Ohio. --Find museums and cultural sites around the world. In English and Italian.
Museums Around The World -- Listing of major museums around the world.
National Park Service --Learn more about every aspect of our national parks.
National Register Travel Itineraries --These online travel itineraries will help you plan that perfect trip.
Positively Cleveland --Listing of things to see and do in Northeast Ohio.
Roots and Routes --Info on all aspects of Heritage Tourism and travel, past and present
TravelLady Magazine --Travel articles by writers "who have been there" - including the Oberlin Heritage Center
Underground Railroad Bike Tour -- An international bike route that includes Oberlin
United States Museums -- Wikipedia list of museums in the United States with links
Adventures in Northeast Ohio--Attractions, hotels, and restaurants in the Western Reserve.
World Heritage List -- List and map of World Heritage Sites from UNESCO

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History & Architecture for Kids

Architecture of Oberlin College - A database of photographs, illustrations, and descriptive information about Oberlin College buildings and architects.
ArchKIDecture -- A website where kids can learn about architecture and even build models online.
Building Big --A website about the design and construction of some of the world's biggest buildings, like the Sears Tower and the Brooklyn Bridge.
Finding Freedom 1844-1963 --The story of Abraham Lincoln's opposition to slavery, with map illustrations.
Underground Railroad Timeline --An interactive look at the Underground Railroad.
History Matters --A gateway of web resources for students and educators of U.S. history.
It all Starts with Dirt --The Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa) has a fun and interactive website about Charles Martin Hall, the history of aluminum discoveries, and where aluminum comes from today. There's a short video about modern production too!
Ohio History for Kids!-- Summary of the history of Ohio for children.
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History & Architecture for Educators

Architecture of Oberlin College - A database of photographs, illustrations, and descriptive information about Oberlin College buildings and architects.
Antiques Roadshow - Teacher's Guide --For teaching about artifacts and their rol in history.
--For teaching children about the built environment
Common-Place --An online magazine about American history.
Cube --Center for Understanding the Built Environment.
Facing History and Ourselves: Examining History and Human Behavior --Lessons about human nature drawn from history
Gilder Lehrman Insitute of American History --Provides educational materials, teacher workshops, and historical resources to promote the study and love of American history
Google sketchup --A 3D modeling program whch teachers can use to teach their lessons in 3D.
History Matters --A gateway of web resources for students and educators of U.S. history.
The Heritage Education Network-- A wealth of ideas for teachers.
The Learning Classroom: Theory into Practice --A series of videos for teachers to learn about learning theory and how to implement it in their classrooms.  These vidoes are valuable for all teachers.
The Learning Page --This page is intended to help educators design lesson plans that utilize the American Memory project.
National Archives --Resources to help students critically examine documents, photographs, and other archived historical materials.
National Council for History Education --"Promoting the importance of history in schools and in society"
National History Day --Includes an introduction to the contest, guidelines, and suggested resources for students and educators.
National History Education Clearinghouse --"The central online location for accessing high-quality resources in K-12 U.S. history education."
The Object of History --Each month this website features an artifact from the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History's collections related to a major topic in American history. The site includes curriculum materials.
Teaching American History --Information about seminars, institutes, and a collection of historical documents.
Teaching with Historic Places --A website dedicated to helping educators create fun and interesting history, social studies, civics, and other subject area lessons based around issues illustrated in structures found in National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places.
US History Lessons -- Classroom activites and curricula for teachers of history.
Winterthur Museum & Country Estate --Information for teachers about arranging visits to the Winterthur historic estate in Winterthur, Delaware.

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Architecture & Historic Preservation

American Alliance of Museums --"Enhancing the value of museums to their communities through leadership, advocacy, and service."
The American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works --A professional group for conservators, this organization also offers conservation education and services.
Ask the Builder --Building advice from Tim Carter
Association for Preservation Technology --"Dedicated to promoting the best technology for conserving historic structures and their settings."
Australian Institute for Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM) -- Don't miss their "Remedies Gone Wrong" feature!
Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) -- How to care for a wide variety of items.
Cities/Buildings Database --Database of famous and representative buildings from around the world and from different historical moments.
Cleveland Architects Database --A listing of architects and master builders that have worked in Cleveland, from the 1820's until the 1930's.
Cleveland Restoration Society -- Non-profit organization that offers technical assistance and educational programs about historic preservation.
Conservation OnLine (CoOL) -- Thousands of pages of information on conservation topics.
Heritage Ohio --Heritage Ohio has been established to better serve Ohioans in the preservation and revitalization movement. (Collaborates with Downtown Ohio.)
Heritage Preservation: The National Institute for Conservation --"Working to save the objects that embody our history by partnering with conservators, museums, civic groups, and concerned individuals across the nation who care about preserving pieces of our shared and individual pasts"
Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record --View "important architectural, engineering and industrial sites throughout the United States and its territories."
ICA Art Conservation -- Non-profit art conservation center in Cleveland.
Institute for Conservation (ICON) -- "How to Care For..." series.
Library of Congress -- Of special interest are the "Caring for Your Collection" and "Preparing, Protecting, and Preserving Family Treasures" pages.
Lincoln Home National Historic Site: A Place of Growth and Memory --Lesson plan for teaching about Abraham Lincoln and his history.
Main Street Program -- Learn about revitalization efforts in commercial downtown districts across the nation.
McKay Lodge Fine Arts Conservation -- Artifact and art conservation company in Lorain County.
Minnesota Historical Society -- Has lots of information about caring for collections.
National Archives of Australia -- Guides to storing and caring for family objects and papers.
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) -- Information on how to store and care for books, papers, photographs, and multimedia materials.
The National Building Museum -- "Explore the world we build ourselves."
National Center for Preservation Technology & Training (NCPTT) --Information on the use of science and technology in historic preservation, including archeology, architecture, landscape architecture and materials conservation.
National Council for Preservation Education --Promoting education in historic preservation
National History Education Clearinghouse --A website with teaching materials and tips for history teachers
National Parks Conservation Association --Protecting our national parks for the visitors of today and tomorrow.
National Park Service (NPS) -- "Conserv-o-grams," short PDF documents on specific topics intended for individuals caring for museum collections.
National Register of Historic Places --"The Nation's official list of cultural resources worthy of preservation."
National Trust for Historic Preservation --"Dedicated to saving historic places and revitalizing America's communities."
Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) -- Check "Resources" for NEDCC Preservation Leaflets.
Ohio Historic Preservation Office --Like the name suggests, your source for historic preservation in Ohio communities.
Old House Journal --Old House Journal online
Old House Web --For old-house enthusiasts
Preservation Action --Connecting you to Capitol Hill.
Preserve America --A government initiative that encourages and supports community efforts to discover and save history in our backyards. --Contains extensive listing of historic buildings and tours, historic preservation resources and programs, architectural information, and more.
Preservation Ohio -- A statewide preservation organization
The Recent Past Preservation Network --Preservation of the modern built environment.
Regional Alliance for Preservation (RAP) --Information on preservation and conservation and education for museum professionals.
Save America's Treasures --"Dedicated to identifying the enduring symbols of American tradition that define us as a nation."
Saving Your Treasures -- Video clips of practical and effective methods to care for objects.
Scenic America --Preserving American's scenic landscapes.
Sears Model Homes --Find our about the prefab homes marketed by Sears from 1908 through 1940.
The Society of Architectural Historians --Promoting "the study and preservation of the built environment worldwide."
Traditional Building --Resources for historic building projects.
Window Preservation Alliance - Information about historic window restoration for both owners and craftspeople

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Genealogy Resources

FamilySearch --Large site, with a variety of search features, run by the Church of Latter-Day Saints.
Cold-Calling Your Kin: How to Contact Distant Relatives --Article by Lisa Louise Cooke
Lorain County Ohio GenWeb
The National Archives: Genealogy --Lots of hints and tips for genealogy research..
Oberlin African-American Genealogy and History Group
Ohio Death Certificate Index --Search for death certificates issued in Ohio.
Ohio Genealogical Society --Subscription required, but a good resource for researchers specifically interested in Ohio. --An award-winning free genealogical resource with searchable databases and more.

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Sculpture, Monuments, and Markers

The Association for Gravestone Studies --Using cemeteries and grave markers as historic (and educational) documents.
Remarkable Ohio --Information about Ohio Historical Markers.
Preserve Outdoor Sculpture --Lots of information on conservation and restoration of outdoor sculpture.
The Sculpture Center --Information on exhibits, conservation and education programs held at the Sculpture Center in Cleveland, OH, plus a searchable database of outdoor sculpture in Ohio.

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Historical Interpretation & Small Museum Administration

American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) --"Providing leadership, service, and support for its members, who preserve and interpret state and local history in order to make the past more meaningful in American Society"
American Association of Museums --"Enhancing the value of museums to their communities through leadership, advocacy, and service."
John Veverka & Associates: Interpretive Planning & Interpretive Training --Consultant on interpretive planning & training.
Minnesota Historical Society on Conservation -A wealth of resources on conservation and emergency response.
National Association for Interpretation --"Inspiring leadership and excellence to advance heritage interpretation as a profession"
Northeast Document Conservation Center -Offers online resources for conservation and emergency planning.
Northeastern Ohio Inter-Museum Council - View a list of museums in Northeast Ohio. Find out about forums for discussing museum issue, workshops, and meetings.
Ohio History Connection-"Encouraging the preservation and presentation of Ohio's heritage." 
Scholars in Action - Analyzing an 1804 Inventory -- Learn about how scholars interpret historical evidence by studing the possessions of a Delaware man in 1804.

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Oberlin-Area Organizations and Resources

Apollo Theater --Historic 1913 movie theater in downtown Oberlin
Bonner Center for Service and Learning -- Oberlin College community service organization
The Bridge --Oberlin's community technology center.
City of Oberlin --Website of our town, Oberlin
Electronic Oberlin Group --An award-winning partnership between the Oberlin Heritage Center and Oberlin College, and a great place to learn about Oberlin's history.
Firelands Association for the Visual Arts (FAVA) --Local arts education and promotion organization
Kendal at Oberlin --Continuing care retirement community in Oberlin, OH (many of our volunteers are also Kendal residents--we couldn't get along without them!)
Leave A Legacy--Planned giving to benefit Ohio organizations.
LorainCounty.Com --Find out what's going on in Lorain County: news, events, real estate, etc.
Lorain County Visitor's Bureau --Info about visiting Lorain County (Oberlin is located in Lorain County, OH)
Oberlin Business Partnership -- The Oberlin Business Partnership provides Chamber of Commerce, Main Street & visitor information and services for the Oberlin Community.
Oberlin Choristers --a renowned childrens' chorus.
Oberlin College --a top liberal arts college, and a big player in Oberlin history
Oberlin African-American Genealogy and History Group --"Dedicated to encouraging support for African-American genealogy and historical research."
Oberlin High School Athletic Boosters --A group of volunteers who help to make public school sports accessible to all participants by reducing the cost of participation through fundraising.
Oberlin High School Alumni Page --A great historical resource, since it includes complete class lists going back to 1870, posted obituaries for over 1,050 OHS Alumni, and a history of Oberlin High School.
The Oberlin Public Library --The Oberlin Public Library offers lots of great sources, not to mention programs.
Oberlin Public Schools --Catch up on what's happening in the Oberlin Public School system.
Oberlin Rocks -- A website with information about the boulders in Tappan Square in Downtown Oberlin.
Our Common Center --An archive of pictures and stories from throughout the history of downtown Oberlin.

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