Oberlin Then and Now: Goodrich House


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Historic photo of Goodrich House  Present day view of South Dorm

Then: 125 Elm Street, 1886, Now: South Dorm, 1964, Potter, Tyler, Martin & Roth


Goodrich House, located at 125 Elm Street, came into possession of the College in 1932 from the Kindergarten Association. It continued to serve the Kindergarten Training School through the year 1932-33. The building was remodeled in the summer of 1933 for use as a women’s building. It contains offices for the Y.W.C.A. and other student organizations. Its facilities are available for small groups desiring accommodations for committee work and for informal social occasions. It was originally the home of Mr. Edward J. Goodrich, and was built in 1886. [Goodrich House was torn down in the summer of 1963.]

Source: From the 1936 Alumni Catalogue and a set of building cards created by the College Secretary's office, both located at the Oberlin College Archives

Photo courtesy of Oberlin Heritage Center