Oberlin Then and Now: M.E. Church

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Historic photo of M.E. Church  Present day view of Hall Auditorium

Then: 53 N. Main Street, 1906, Now: Hall Auditorium, 1953, Wallace Harrison


First Methodist Episcopal Church abandoned their South Main building and constructed a formidable stone building with large sanctuary seating a 1000, a spacious choir loft and educational rooms off to the side. In the basement was a large kitchen and dining room. Unhappily a fire completely demolished the building in 1917 and a new site had to be found as the College wished to erect a memorial to Charles M. Hall’s mother east of the Square. Arrangements were made for the Methodists to use Warner Concert Hall in the old Conservatory for three years and following that Methodist met in Second Church which they rented from the College. Not until 1928 were they able to move into the church they occupy today on south Professor Street facing Elm Street.

Source: From the Bobbie Carlson Collection of Oberlin Churches, located at the Oberlin Heritage Center

Photo courtesy of Oberlin Heritage Center