Oberlin Then and Now: Churchill Cottage

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Historic photo of Churchill Cottage  Present day view of open space by Harkness Dorm

Then: 119 W. College Street, 1884, Now: Open space near Harkness Dorm


This cottage, located at 119 West College Street, was named in honor of Charles Henry Churchil, for forty-eight years a professor in Oberlin College. It was remodeled in the summer of 1913 for use as a house of residence for women. It accommodates eighteen persons, who take their meals elsewhere. [Churchill Cottage was torn down in June of 1948 to make room for Harkness Hall.]

Source: From the 1936 Alumni Catalogue and a set of building cards created by the College Secretary's office, both located at the Oberlin College Archives

Photo courtesy of Oberlin Heritage Center