Oberlin Then and Now: Bastille

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Historic drawing of Bastille House  Present day view of Bailey House

Then: 204 N. Professor Street, 1884, Now: Bailey House, 1968, Moore & Hutchins


This is the house formerly known as “Beacon” purchased from Mrs. A. B. Parsons in 1932 and operated from 1932 to 1937 as the “Beacon.” In the summer of 1937 the “Beacon” boys moved to 195 Woodland, and wished that house to be called “Beacon.” It accommodated 13 students. It was made into apartments in and so used in 1957-58


Source: From the 1936 Alumni Catalogue and a set of building cards created by the College Secretary's office, both located at the Oberlin College Archives

Illustration courtesy of 1943 Hi-O-Hi Yearbook