Oberlin Then and Now: Pyle Inn

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Historic photo of Pyle Inn  Present day view of Mudd Learning Center parking lot

Then: 158 W. College Street, 1890, Now: Mudd Learning Center parking lot


For many years a private dormitory for women, owned by Mrs. Lettie H. Pyle, the property at 158 West College Street was purchased by the College in 1931 and since that time has been operated as a house of residence for women. It furnishes rooms for thirty women and provides table board for thirty additional students. Since 1934 it has been conducted on a co-operative basis. [Pyle Inn was refurbished in 1963-64 and was torn down in 1975.]

Source: From the 1936 Alumni Catalogue and a set of building cards created by the College Secretary's office, both located at the Oberlin College Archives

Photo courtesy of Oberlin Heritage Center