Oberlin Then and Now: Music Hall

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Historic photo of Music Hall  Present day view of Baldwin Cottage

Then: 30 S. Professor Street, 1842, Now: Baldwin Cottage, 1887, Weary & Kramer


Music Hall was built in 1842. It was a one-story frame building, 30 by 50 feet, located on the site where Baldwin Cottage now stands. Music Hall was built through the efforts of Professor George N. Allen, the choir of the first Congregational Church, and the literary societies. It was used by the choir and literary societies, and received its name from the fact that for a number of years choir rehearsals were held there. The room accommodated about two hundred. About 1874 it was moved to a location near the Ladies Hall (Second) and converted into a gymnasium for young women. It was destroyed by fire in April, 1880.

Source: From the 1936 Alumni Catalogue and a set of building cards created by the College Secretary's office, both located at the Oberlin College Archives

Photo courtesy of Oberlin College Archives