Little Red Schoolhouse

The Little Red Schoolhouse during our "Family Fun Fair" event.  The one-room schoolhouse was integrated from its beginning, despite Ohio's "Black Laws" forbidding integrated education.


This building was the first public school in town, built in 1836. Notably, in defiance of Ohio's "Black Laws", the school was interracial from its inception. Sarah Margru Kinson, who as a young girl was onboard the infamous Amistad, returned later to America and became one of the first African Americans to attend the school.

Restored as a pioneer-era one-room school, the Little Red Schoolhouse offers visitors a hands-on look at life and education in the 1800s. It's a particular favorite of school-age visitors--after all, where else can you write on a slate, practice carrying a water yoke, and play with a jacob's-ladder and practice your skills on stilts all while learning about the history of racial integration and co-education in schools?

The interior of the  Little Red Schoolhouse, the oldest still-standing building in Oberlin and a pioneer in integrated education.