Use the Resource Center

Research Requests

The Resource Center’s holdings include a wide variety of books, photographs, archival materials, and files on local and national history.  Due to limited staff availability, these materials may be used for local, family history, or project research by appointment only. Call (440) 774-1700 or e-mail [email protected]. Copies of information can be made when condition of the original allows, for 10 cents per page.


Research services:

Extensive research assistance on local history and/or family history is offered by experienced researchers from the Oberlin Heritage Center on a fee basis:



To use this service print a copy of the Resource Center Research Authorization and Information Sheet. This form is designed to help our staff evaluate and answer your request effectively. Please complete all items and send a $20.00 (one hour) deposit with your request to the following address:


Oberlin Heritage Center
PO Box 455
Oberlin, Ohio 44074


When the request is received, the staff will evaluate your information, formulate a research strategy and advise you of any estimated cost beyond one hour. Note that we do not conduct searches outside of the Resource Center (e.g. the Court House, Health Department, Oberlin College Archives), unless special arrangements are made.


Every effort will be made to locate the information you request. Even if no information is found, it will still be necessary to pay the research fee.


Note to Family History Researchers: Please return a five generation pedigree chart (or as many generations as you have) with your Research Authorization and Information Sheet.


Note to those wishing to reproduce photographs from the Resource Center: Please print out this photograph request form and fax or mail it in.