Historic Recipes for Kids

Try making these tasty treats with your parents!   Recipes were not as clear as they are today - you might have to do some experimenting to get your recipe just right!


Fruit Frapees

"Line a mold with vanilla ice cream, fill the center with fresh berries, or fruit cut in slices, cover with ice-cream, cover closely, and set in freezer for half an hour, with salt and ice packed well around it. The fruit must be chilled, but not frozen. Strawberries and ripe peaches are delicious thus prepared."


Vienna Chocolate

"Put in to a coffee-pot set in boiling water, one quart of new milk (or a pint each of cream and milk), stir in to it three heaping tablespoons grated chocolate mixed to a paste with cold milk, let it boil two or three minutes, and serve it at once. To make good chocolate, good materials are required."


Good Cookies

"Two cups sugar, one of butter, one of sour cream or milk, three eggs, one teaspoon soda; mix soft, roll thin, sift granulated sugar over them, and gently roll it in.

These require a quick oven. A nice 'finishing touch' can be given by sprinkling them with granulated sugar and rolling over lightly with the rolling pin, then cutting out and pressing a whole raisin in the center of each; or when done a very light brown, brush over while still hot with a soft bit of rag dipped in a thick syrup of sugar and water, sprinkle with currants and return to the oven a moment."

*These are sample recipes are from Buckeye Cookery and Practical Housekeeping, a historic cookbook first published in 1880 and republished in 1988 by the Minnesota Historical Society.