Sponsor Oberlin History

Students participating in an Underground Railroad Outreach Program
The Oberlin Heritage Center invites individuals, corporations, and organizations to sponsor programs and projects that can help accomplish the mission "to preserve and share Oberlin's unique heritage and to make our community a better place to live, learn, work and visit." The Oberlin Heritage Center welcomes sponsorships from individuals and organizations to bring history to life by sharing the inspirational and thought-provoking stories of Oberlin's past. Just a few of the programs and services sponsors can support include:

We look forward to working with partners that reflect the values and vision of the Oberlin Heritage Center. The Oberlin Heritage Center is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and has earned Standards of Excellence Certification from the Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations. We welcome partnerships with organizations and businesses that strive for excellence and aim to positively impact communities.

When agreeing to the mutually beneficial terms of a sponsorship, all efforts are made to avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest. In all cases, the Oberlin Heritage Center maintains control of materials bearing the Oberlin Heritage Center logo. The Oberlin Heritage Center is proud to acknowledge support from sponsors in public listings and displays, although it does not endorse companies, brands, or products.


The mission of the Oberlin Heritage Center is to preserve and share Oberlin’s unique heritage, and to make our community a better place to live, learn, work, and visit.


Core Values

Integrity: OHC commits to authenticity and accuracy and excellence in management and governance, and strives to be worthy of the public’s trust.

Openness: OHC embraces diversity of participation, ideas, opinions, and action.

Innovation: OHC nurtures creative thinking and active learning.

Engagement: OHC seeks to involve the community in relevant and vital discussion and action.

Sustainability: OHC commits to being a strong and visible organization that provides continuity and leadership.

Stewardship: OHC strives to protect and preserve Oberlin’s history and historic buildings and resources for future generations.

Leadership: OHC strives to be a leader among the historical organizations in the county, state, and nation.


Vision Statement:

Having grown over the past two decades to become a nationally-accredited and award-winning history organization and museum with strong local support, OHC now aspires to broader engagement with all sections of the Oberlin community. OHC strives to extend its membership base to include the rich diversity of Oberlin and to engage the remarkable resources of its staff, volunteers, and members in a widespread culture of participation. OHC hopes to position itself financially and organizationally to preserve, interpret and share multiple histories of Oberlin in ways that continue to engage its members, serve the Oberlin community at large, and interest and inform the many visitors to Oberlin.