Elisha Gray Program available online

OHC's December 2020 program on Elisha Gray Program now available online

The Life and Times of Elisha Gray: Oberlin Inventor and Electric Music Pioneer

Last December, Roderic Knight, Professor Emeritus of Ethnomusicology at Oberlin College, presented a virtual “tour” of Elisha Gray’s life and times. Gray was an Ohio native who attended Oberlin College in the 1860s and who became a successful inventor/entrepreneur before returning to Oberlin College as a Professor of Dynamic Electricity from 1880-1900. Gray was also the inventor of the world’s first electric musical instrument, among other things.

We recorded Professor Knight’s program for those who were not able to tune in during the virtual session: https://youtu.be/vtDQlYRXnbA?t=204.

Many thanks to Professor Knight for hosting such an electrifying evening for us all!