OHC combines Fun & Learning for Youth Groups

Bring your class, club, or family for an enjoyable day at the Oberlin Heritage Center! 


Full Details: http://www.oberlinheritagecenter.org/visit/youth


Spend time touring historic buildings, investigating mysterious old objects, and trying historic lessons and games at the Little Red Schoolhouse.  Learn about history by seeing, hearing, and doing – not just reading and listening. Past visitors have included classes, Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, clubs, day care centers, home schools, family reunions, and after-school organizations.  

A note to educators: Our tours meet state and national academic content standards within Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts subjects. A sampling of these standards includes history, geography, government, citizenship rights, science and technology, and communication.  Students learn individual and community history, and make connections to national history themes that can otherwise seem impersonal and far removed from their daily lives. This helps make history more personal, relevant and fun.  Information about academic benchmarks.

Within reason, the Heritage Center staff is willing to tailor the tour length, content, and route to meet the needs of educators and their students. Tours are recommended for children aged seven and older but can be altered to meet the interests of younger children if enough planning time is allowed. Groups with very young children are encouraged to try the "Lessons in the Past" and "I Spy Oberlin" programs, or contact us to create a personalized tour.  Group leaders might also be interested in our outreach programs.

Educators may wish to apply for a field trip grant offered by Target.  Grant information.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour, please call Amanda Manahan, the Museum Education and Tour Coordinator, at (440) 774-1700 or email [email protected].  We look forward to hearing from you!