Oct 28/29 - Every Good Story has a Plot: Westwood Cemetery Special Program

October 28 & 29 (Friday and Saturday, 5:00-6:00 p.m.)

Join us for an evening featuring some of the fascinating stories of early Oberlin citizens, as told by costumed interpreters from the past. This serene walk through Westwood Cemetery offers narratives of well-known individuals from Oberlin’s history, as well as those not found in the history books who still have stories to tell.

Cost is $10 per adult/$8 for OHC members, $5 per child/$4 for OHC families (most likely to be enjoyed by ages 7 and up).  


Register on-line for either the Friday or Saturday tour or call 440-774-1700.
The tour will be refunded if it is raining at start time. Reservations are required in advance. Location: Entrance to Westwood Cemetery. 




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