April 25 - Behind the Scenes at OHC, Collections Program

April 25 (Wednesday, 7:15 p.m.) Behind the Scenes at the Oberlin Heritage Center. Whether it is the stub of a pencil from a no longer extant lumber company, or the contents of an entire abandoned house, the Oberlin Heritage Center gets a steady flow of potential donation offers of all sizes and kinds. Armed with state-of-the-art policy and plans, and working together with Collections Assistant Prue Richards and Executive Director Pat Murphy, the Collections Committee carefully evaluates each offer to determine whether or not to accept the gift and help find the best outcome for the Heritage Center, for the object(s) and archival materials, and for the donor-with sometimes surprising results! Come hear how the talented, experienced, all-volunteer Collections Committee has helped the OHC evolve from a "community attic" to a professional collecting repository and museum.

 Location: Kendal at Oberlin's Heiser Auditorium.


Press Release - Behind the Scenes at the Oberlin Heritage Center