October 14 - Community Arts & Culture Day

October 14 (Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.)  Community Arts and Culture Day - No School / Lots of Fun!  Area youngsters have the day off because of NEOEA professional development teacher workshops, and the Oberlin Heritage Center is partnering with local arts and culture organizations to offer FREE family fun for this day-off-from-school.  Activities revolve around the theme of "Time Travel" and lost technology.  Elementary school-aged children will enjoy a variety of games and activities at the Little Red Schoolhouse.  Send a secret message in Morse code, examine mysterious old objects, perfect your beanbag toss skills, heft the water buckets, ring the old school bell, and more.  Children must be accompanied by an adult (who may have even more fun!). 

Other participating organizations include the Allen Memorial Art Museum, America Reads, Firelands Association for the Visual Arts, and the Oberlin Public Library.