IB Goals met on Oberlin Heritage Center tours

Key: Oberlin Heritage Center Tour (OHC), Freedom's Friends History Walk (FF), Scholars and Settlers / Tappan Square History Walk (T), Radicals and Reformers History Walk (RR), I Spy Oberlin scavenger hunt (IS), Lessons in the Past (LP)

Notes in italics explain how tours meet IB goals in the Middle Years Program.

The Oberlin Heritage Center uses local and state curriculum to connect to global concerns.  We encourage visitors to explore their communities while increasing intercultural awareness.


Instructional Methods

Direct Instruction - tours are led by a docent who orally communicates information to students with the use of visual aids and authentic historic objects (OHC, FF, T, RR, IS, LP)

Inquiry for Understanding - students are encouraged to ask questions throughout the tour to ensure comprehension and analysis of the information provided (OHC, FF, T, IS, LP)

Cooperative Learning - students work together to play old fashioned school games (OHC, FF, LP)

Dialogue/Discussion - students are engaged in a dialogue with the tour guide and their peers throughout the tour (OHC, FF, T, RR, IS, LP)

Hands On - students are able to engage in hands on activities in our one room schoolhouse with historic lessons and schoolyard games (OHC, FF, LP)


Community and Service

Develop Community Awareness and Concern - students will learn the importance of their community's history, how it connects with national history, and why preserving and sharing history is important (OHC, FF, T, RR, IS)

Develop a Sense of Responsibility - students will learn stories of everyday people who felt personally responsible for making our community a better place (OHC, FF, T, RR)


Health and Social Education

Be Aware of the Relationship Between the Individual and Society - students will learn how society influences an individual, and how a single person can influence society (OHC, FF, T, RR)

Take Responsibility for their Social Environment - Students will analyze ways that people influenced the social environment through abolitionism, suffrage, reform movements and religion (OHC, FF, T, RR)

Be Able to Make Informed Choices for Themselves with Consideration for the Wider Society - students will consider how one choice must be done wisely because it can affect the greater society (OHC, FF, T, RR)


Human Ingenuity

Reflect on the Impact of Innovations and Creations, Ideologies, and Ways of Thinking - Students will reflect on how racial ideologies, education, scientific inquiry, and health have impacted us today (OHC, FF, T, RR)

Appreciate the Consequences of Actions - Students will learn about the consequences principled people were faced with when they took great risks for themselves and others (OHC, FF, T, RR)

The Oberlin Heritage Center encourages students to be inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective.  We promote our visitors to keep an open mind, ask questions, and make connections throughout the tour.  We teach students about people with strong principles who took risks in their attempt to make the world a better place.  We hope visitors develop an engaged and thoughtful connection to their community after taking a tour of the Oberlin Heritage Center or one of our history walks.