Oberlin Heritage Center: Mapping History

Welcome!  This is a pilot project to map historic photographs of Oberlin landmarks, individuals, and scenes using Google Maps.  The photographs are from the collections of the Oberlin Heritage Center.

You can explore the map by clicking map markers, which are color-coded by date. Move the map by clicking and dragging. Zoom in and out by clicking the '+' and '-' buttons at the upper left of the map. Many map points are clustered downtown and are most easily explored by zooming in. If a photograph does not fit on your screen, click and drag the surrounding map to reposition your view. You may also use the link below the map to load a larger version.


© All rights reserved, Oberlin Heritage Center. Photographs have been posted for educational purposes only.  Project created by John Olmsted.

Red marker -- before 1850
Yellow marker -- before 1900
Teal marker -- before 1950
Blue marker -- after 1950


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