Oral Histories

Interviews of the following organizations and individuals have been conducted.  More information about each interviewee, including main topics of their interview, are included on the prefaces page accessed from the Oberlin Oral History Project page. Interviewees are listed in alphabetical order.  Researchers interested in particular topics or events can contact us and request to use our indexes or read the transcripts or listen to the audiotapes. A list at the bottom of the page also includes oral histories and interviews conducted by other community organizations.


Interviewed, yet to be processed: Story Circle WOBC Radio Interviews: Camille Hamlin Allen, Erik Andrews, Scott Broadwell, Pat Ives Steve Johnson, Annessa Wyman; PATCO group interview, Scott Broadwell, John van der Pyle


Story Circle: Community Peace Builders, Memories of Al Carroll

Story Circle: Community Players

Story Circle: Downtown Business

Story Circle: Oberlin Oral History Project

Story Circle: Ninde Scholars Program Beginnings

Story Circle: OHIO to OHC #1

Story Circle: OHIO to OHC #2

Story Circle: OHS Class of 1969: Marching Band, Kipton Incident, Football

Story Circle: Retired Teachers

Story Circle: Vietnam

Story Circle: WOBC Radio interviews: 

Apollo Theatre Memories

Juneteenth 2009

Oberlin Medicine: Allen Hospital / Oberlin Clinic


Ellen Adams

Paul B. Arnold

Millie Haulk Arthrell

Gabriella "Ella" Keresztes Bachnika

Chuck Bailey

Charlotte Baker

Dorothy Baker

Clifford Berry

Sigrid Boe

Laurine Bongiorno

Laura Boos

Foster W. and Edith Bows

Dorothy S. Boyers

Midge Brittingham / Christ Church Female Priests

Scott Broadwell (Plum Creek)

Mabel J. Brown

Corwin S. Burrer

Jeanne Butts (family project)

Delores Carter

Mervin Champe

Gladys Champney

Lee Champney

Mildred Locke Chapin

Dave Clark

Marianne Cochrane

C. Lea Comings

Magdalene Jackson Cox

Dan Cunningham

Mary Anne Cunningham

John Denny

Emma "Kitty" Denny-Smith

Stella Mallory Dickerman

Theresa Dietz

Robert DiSpirito

James Donovan

Corrine Durand Dudley

Marion Dudley

Richard Dunn

Walter Edling

John Elder (Plum Creek)

Manuel Espinoza

Mrs. Marvyl Fields

Mary Wright Fisk

Arthur M. Fowls

Blanche Pettiford Fox

Harold Gibson

Richard Gilbert

Linda Gilmore (Plum Creek & Personal)

Lillian Adora Godette

Che Gonzalez

Maynard Gott

Bernice Grant

Esther Brown Gutman

Kinzer Habecker

Mildred F. Haines

May (Ruby) Van Ausdale Hall

Myriam Lahaurine Johnston (Mrs. Richard R. Hallock)

Aaron Hamlin

Grace M. Harlow

Elmer Garfield Harris

Margaret Haylor

Karl Florian Heiser

Hope Hibbard

Glenn S. Hobbs, Jr.

Glenn Hodge

Arthur Holbrook

Herman Hudnell

Lewis J. Ives

Maurice Ives

Gertrude Jacob

Douglas Johnson

Douglas Johnson (Architecture)

Helen Davidson Johnson

Marjorie Witt Johnson

Shirley R. Johnson

Stephen Johnson, III

Geneva "Gigi" Jones

George T. Jones

Robert "BJ" Jones

Mary H. Joy

Marion Bradley Kelly

Sarah "Sally" MacLennan Kerr

Marguerite Huston King

Carl Wade, Jr., and Rebecca Kinney

Jean Kohut

Louise Jones Kolb

Marvin Luther Kolb

George Langeler

Alice Lawson

Marie Lehti

Bert Locke

Frank C. Locke

Bill Long

Norman G. Long

Richard Lothrop

James Lubetkin

Molly R. Ludwig

Margaret Maruschak

Charles Mayle

Mary Beth Hartson McCalla

Otis C. McKee

Tony Mealy

Anna Melcher

Charles A. and Harriet Mosher

Pat Murphy

Eric Nord

Evan Nord

Jane Nord

Marjorie Peabody Parker

Allan Patterson

Carrie Pease

Jeanne Pease

Booker Peek

Witt (Wallace) Pettiford

Connie Ponder

Gene Presti

Alice F. Quinn

Harriet Decker Reynolds

Barry Richard / Chalk Walk

Ronnie Rimbert

Ken Roose

Lee Ross

Minnie Louise Rucker

Edward J. Sable

Mildred Salo

Margaret R. Schauffler

Susan Schubert

Gerald Scott

Janie Burgess Scott

Eugene (Jean) Simon

Dorothy Smith

Margaret Smith

Sharon Fairchild Soucy

Alice Spotts

Elizabeth (Betty) Spurlock

Ursula Stechow

Bill & Arlene Steel

Patricia B. (Patty) Stetson

Sherry Suttles

J. Ransom Taylor

Lillie Faye Taylor

Tom Taylor

Elizabeth (Betty) Thomas

Robert S. (Bob) Thomas

Robert S. Thomas (Bob), joint interview
with George Jones and Betty Thomas

Francine Toss

Eugene Tresch

Archibald R. Tuck

Jennie Tucker

Bill Van Ausdale

Rosamund Watson

Frankell Wade White

Richard Williams

Dean Wolfe

Dudley Wood

Florene Worcester

Ian Yarber (Plum Creek)

Frank Zavodsky


Additional Oral History Projects in Oberlin

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Oberlin College Archives (varied)

Oberlin Through Brown Eyes radio interview project of the Oberlin African-American Genealogy and History Group

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