Lorain County Death Records

Lorain County Death Records 

(Microsoft Excel File)


About this Project

This database is the culmination Don Hilton's research, transcriptions, and compilation of Lorain County's public death records. He started his work in May 2021 and finished in March 2022, amounting to nearly 800 hours of work. 

Don has graciously shared this database with individuals and organizations interested in historical and genealogical research, including the Oberlin Heritage Center, as a free resource for all. 

These transcriptions were made with the full knowledge and cooperation of then-sitting Probate Judge James T. Walther, and then-serving coroner Dr. Frank P. Miller, and the staffs of their respective offices.


Who is included in the database?
The spreadsheet includes Lorain County residents whose deaths were reported to the Probate Court from 1867-1908 or who were included in the Coroner Reports from 1878-1938. 


Research Tips 

Once download, please review the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to gain insight into what information is contained and how to best search and utilize the database. The "Please Read" tab includes more information about the database and the transcriber/database creator, Don Hilton.

These records are presented as transcribed originals and are known to contain duplicates and omissions. Information documented in the original records varied by each recorder, practice, and changes in recording requirements over time. Users should always confirm their findings, or lack of findings, from as many resources as possible.

Please know that while we are unable to change information contained in this database, if you have suggestions, corrections, or information you would like OHC to be aware of, contact us at [email protected]