Aug 23 - Comparing & Contextualizing Oberlin's 1940 Census in HistoryForge

Zoom Presentation - August 23 at 7:00 p.m.

Join Ohio History Service Corps member Erin Robichaud as she shares OHC’s exciting progress on HistoryForge, a database that plots census information onto interactive map layers. Come ready to compare employment, divorce, and home ownership statistics from the 1910 & 1940 censuses. Erin will also discuss the cultural context and controversies surrounding the 1940 census – such as how the Great Depression influenced census questions and impacted Oberlin residents – and depict the enumerators who originally collected census data by hand.

This 45-minute Zoom program is open and free to the public, but registration is required. Registration Link.

Since last fall, OHC volunteers have worked hard to transcribe, review, and publish the 1940 census to HistoryForge in addition to the 1910 census. OHC would like to thank all the individuals who made this database a possible research tool for the Oberlin community: Anita Buckmaster, Judy Cook, Mary Anne Cunningham, Ann Fuller, Lynn Gagyi, Marissa Hamm, Kathy Jaffee, Steve Johnson, Suzanne McDougal, Cathy Meints, Patti Pitts, Joshua Rhodes, Prue Richards, and Mary Rowland. Thank you!