Nov 12 - OHC Trivia Night!

Friday, November 12, 2021 (6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.; sign-in at 5:45 on Zoom)

What colorful children's product, still sold today, was first manufactured in the 1930s by a Cincinnati company? What are Justin Bieber fans called? If you like the challenge of rapid recall, teamwork, and team persuasion, this evening of family-friendly fun is perfect for you. Pro-tip for serious teams: there may be a few questions where kids will have the upper hand, so consider adding a younger member to your team! Be assured this will be an enjoyable evening of maddening minutia, playful pondering, and plenty of moments for you to feel proud of—and embarrassed by—your mental storehouse.

This year's contest will take place virtually on Zoom. Questions will be announced live by an MC and posted on slides for everyone to see. After announcing a round of questions, teams will be sent to their own virtual break-out rooms to confer and then text a photo of their answer sheet to an answer checker using a smartphone. There will be several rounds of questions and a final question. 


Please register your team by November 8 if you’d like to participate. To register, just have your team leader sign up on our Event Calendar (click here) or call the Oberlin Heritage Center at 440-774-1700. Once your team is signed up, the team leader will be sent a Zoom registration link to forward to their fellow team members—who can play from the comfort of their own homes. The cost to play is $40/team.

We recommend that each team has 4-6 players, but the overall size is entirely up to you. However, we ask that you please follow all safe social distancing guidelines, and that you keep the number of team members logging on to Zoom to less than five so that more teams have a chance to play. (For example, a couple in the same household using one device would count as one log on.)

On Trivia Night, everyone will log in to Zoom by 5:45 p.m. so that they can be assigned to their team’s “breakout” room before the game begins at 6:00 p.m. You won’t need to know everything there is to know about Oberlin to play — we will be asking general knowledge questions during the evening. Pro-tip for serious teams: there may be a few questions where kids will have the upper hand, so consider adding a younger member to your team! Players should rely on themselves while playing—no internet searches or calling grandma for the answer (unless she is on your team). You’re on the honor system for the night! There will be raffles (see below) as well as an image quiz.

The top three placing teams will receive goodie gift bags, and the winning team will have their name added to the OHC Trivia Champions plaque, prominently displayed in the Museum Store.

One final note—since we’re going virtual that night, we won’t be able to enjoy Lorenzo’s pizza with you. But we do encourage you to support a local restaurant by getting takeout to celebrate a fun evening in!

Questions? Contact Liz Schultz (440-774-1700 or [email protected]).

***November’s Trivia night is generously sponsored by Kurt Sarringhaus Co., L.P.A.


Prior to Trivia Night, we welcome you to participate in the chance to win one of two raffle baskets (Taste of Lorain County or Oberlin Goodies - pictures to come soon) or the 50-50 raffle. Raffle basket ticket purchase will earn you a chance to win one of two baskets. The first ticket drawn will have their choice of basket and the second ticket drawn will win the other. Local Winners only.

Tickets for each can be purchased through our Paypal account linked to our webpage:




Answers: Play-Doh and Beliebers