UGRR Whodunnit? The Votes Are In!

Attendees at the Oberlin Heritage Center's Annual Meeting on April 1 heard Liz Schultz and Ron Gorman present "Old Secrets / New Stories of Oberlin's Underground Railroad." The finale to the program was a newspaper article written in 1860 by an unnamed Oberlin Wellington Rescuer who was still breaking the law one year later by assisting "pilgrims" guided by Freedom's star. After reading the article Ron Gorman, in the manner of Sherlock Holmes, encouraged everyone to deduce from 12 candidates who they thought the author might be. While the real answer is, and may always remain, a mystery, Ron's vote is "Elementary, my dear WATSON."

And the winner of the opinion poll is:

James Fitch - 10
John Watson - 9
John Scott - 7
Henry Peck - 6
Henry Evans - 2


The Ballot

Quotes from the 12 Candidates