Mar 26 - One Step More: Oberlin Women's History Walk

March 26 (11:00 a.m.) One Step More: Oberlin Women's History Walk


This outdoor history walk is free in honor of Women's History Month, but advance registration required as capacity is limited to 12 participants. 
Register on-line or call 440.774.1700. This history walk will be cancelled if it is raining at start time.

Location Start: History Walk begins at the Flagpole on Tappan Square at the intersection of Main and College Sts. in Downtown Oberlin.


In 1834, John J. Shipherd pledged Oberlin’s commitment to “the elevation of female character” through education. Little did he know, there was dynamite in that promise, and women carried the matches. Hear stories of powerful Oberlin women including Lucy Stone, Marianne Parker Dascomb, Adelia Field Johnston, Mary Church Terrell, and Lucy Stanton Day, and learn how they used Shipherd’s promise to shape what it meant to be a woman in Oberlin and in the United States.

This tour lasts approximately 75 minutes and covers approximately 1 walking mile. This tour ends at the Oberlin Heritage Center Museum Campus.

COVID-19 Policies:
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