November 16 - The Coming of Emancipation evening program

November 16 (Wednesday at 7:15 p.m.)  The Coming of Emancipation.  Oberlin College Professor of History Gary Kornblith examines why the United States, unlike most other nations, ended slavery through a massive war rather than by peaceful means. There are several puzzles to consider, including the fact that President Abraham Lincoln and Congress stated explicitly in 1861 that the North was not fighting for abolition, just for the perpetuation of the Union "as it was."  In presenting his analysis, Prof. Kornblith draws on new scholarship on the role of insurgent Southern slaves in forcing a shift in Northern war aims and on Lincoln's reluctant transition from colonizationist to "Great Emancipator." 

Location:  Heiser Auditorium, Kendal at Oberlin. Free and open to all.


Press Release - The Coming of Emancipation