May 22 - Creating the Oberlin History Comic Book

May 22 (Tuesday, 7:15 p.m.) Creating the Oberlin History Comic Book. Noted author/illustrator/historian Bentley Boyd from Williamsburg, Virginia will talk about his unique approach to presenting history in a fun way to engage new audiences. He has created over 30 history comic books on an array of topics. His newest, Oberlin: Origins and Onward!, was published by the Oberlin Heritage Center in December 2011 in memory of former Oberlin Heritage Center trustee Nicholas Stevenson who was a volunteer grandparent reader at Eastwood School. This entertaining, fact-filled publication appeals to all ages and incorporates the history of the college and community from its founding in 1833 through the present (and then some!) How could Bentley Boyd cram Oberlin's rich history into 24 pages and make it enjoyable? Come and find out.

 Location: Kendal at Oberlin's Heiser Auditorium.

Please note that the comic book may be purchased by mail order, through the Oberlin Heritage Center website store and at the OHC Museum Store at the Monroe House, FAVA's UnCommon Objects, Kendal at Oberlin's Cardinal Shop, and Ben Franklin/Mindfair.


Press Release - Creating the Oberlin History Comic Book