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Morgan Street Bridge Railings

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

 Morgan Street Bridge Railing at the Oberlin Heritage Center

Restored Morgan Street Bridge Railings
Installed at the Oberlin Heritage Center

Last spring Oberlin Heritage Center volunteers, including Walter Edling, Bert Latran, Dick Holsworth, Charles Pope and George Clark rescued and refurbished the century-old iron railings that had been removed from the Morgan Street bridge over Plum Creek.  This was a huge undertaking which took several months and included some heavy lifting help from members of the Oberlin High School football team.   The refurbished railing has been installed along the Oberlin Heritage Center brick heritage trail, just south of the Jewett House at 73 S. Professor Street.  


We are nominating this project for a history award and are seeking letters of support and comments about why and how this project provided a real service to the community.   We’d love to hear from you.

We are also still searching for photographs that show the bridge at its original location.  If you have any and are willing to lend them to be scanned, please let us know!